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NNR633A1 - Noise Nuisance Recorder for measuring and recording noisy neighbors.

The NNR633A1 Noise Nuisance Recorder contains a Type 1 Sound Level Meter that records the audio on request or automatically, making it ideal for monitoring neighbor noise.

  • Accurately measures the sound levels
  • Record the audio at the complainant
  • Record audio when trigger level is exceeded
  • Powerful hand-held meter for other noise measurement applications

Typical Applications

  • Monitor intermittent neighbor noise
  • Music noise
  • Barking dogs
  • Shouting and verbal abuse
  • Banging on walls
Noise Nuisance Recorder for measuring and recording noisy neighbors.
Noise Nuisance Recorder for measuring and recording noisy neighbors.

NNR633A1 - Product Details

The Noise Nuisance Recorder is taken to the residence with the problem, carried inside a simple shoulder bag to avoid attracting the attention of the neighbors. It is very quick to set up before being left to measure sound levels continuously.

When the complainant hears the problem noise (dog barking, shouting, music, etc.) they press the button on the outside of the box to start the audio recording. The button lights up to show that the noise is being recorded. A "pre-trigger" ensures that the noise up to 10 seconds before the button is pressed is included in the recording.

After a suitable period of time, usually a few days to a week, the measurement process can be stopped and the equipment returned to the office for analysis. After downloading the measurements you are presented with a Time History graph showing the sound levels throughout the measurement period, a marker clearly indicating the exact time an audio sample has been recorded. Listening to the audio confirms the source of the noise and is essential for evidence purposes.

The purpose of the Noise Nuisance Recorder is to give the resident the opportunity to show that the noise levels in question are genuinely excessive or of an abusive or anti-social nature. This is extremely important as excessive neighbor noise is very difficult to live with, causing a loss of sleep, increased stress levels and the resultant damage to health.

For more details about the sound level meter that is included in the kit, please visit the CEL633A1 web page. The kit also includes a Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator, heavy duty case with lock, additional shoulder bag, 5m microphone extension cable, power adapter, mini-tripod, Insight software for download, analysis of measurements and playback of audio.

Weight< 2.8kg (including CEL630 series sound level meter)
Dimensions (Peli Case)296 x 212 x 96mm (11.7 x 8.4 x 3.8 inches)
Power110-240VAC (power adapter included)
Internal Power3 x AA cells provide > 10 hour operation in case of power failure
Mic Extension Cable5m (15 ft)
Measurement Range20 to 140 dB RMS
Audio Recording10 hours in high quality, 60 hours in low quality
Refer to CEL633A1 specifications for more details

Prices and Ordering

Product Description Price (GBP)
NNR633A1 Noise Nuisance Recorder - Class 1 with Calibrator £3801.00
Tel. 0845 680 0312